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I’m Diane, and my friends say I’m an eco-nut.

I grew up on a family farm, where we tried to do things the best way, instead of the cheapest or fastest way. My first post-BSc job was at a a landfill and recycling facility.

It was there that I first became aware that my upbringing was different, as I saw firsthand all the food and products people simply tossed out. And more importantly, I saw the dangerous liquids that come out of the waste, opening my eyes to the chemicals in our lives.

I have spent over 15 years as an environmental consultant, auditing industrial sites to help companies identify where they can become more compliant with government requirements.

In addition to the business to business work, it’s been a personal passion and hobby to research, use and test safe and effective products for my home. I realized a few years ago that I could share this growing knowledge base, first with my extended family, then to my neighbors and local community. As I gained confidence in new areas such as cooking and gardening, my reach expanded beyond my neighbours and I’m now excited to share with you!

I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband, daughter, cat and 2 gerbils.